Modern day Tot mobiles
July 4, 2007

My critters beloved bicycles...

Me and my Boo, he looks most like me besides Tonka.

Happy fourth ya'll, tonight I am gunna see how well I can get a picture of fireworks.. :D


Today I turn the big 22
July 3, 2007

whoo hoo huh? lol I finally got a good picture of Nemo too.

Isn't he just wunnerful? :D


My amateur flower shots
July 2, 2007


I followed a string to a dream come reality

When G was younger, his mother decided to play a game on him for his birthday, using 9 things of yarn, she made a trail hung little hints on the string, up and over things, through houses, and just everywhere, all leading to his present.

Something very similar happened to me today. I got to the MIL's house, and seen a bright orange string, so after being told what it was for, I followed it on the porch, around the porch, thru the bushes, and back on the porch, and eventually into the house, in the back bedroom. Where something amazing was hiding under the pillow, all for yours truly.

Meet my new best friend: Click here I cannot believe that it was for me, as I was shocked, because I knew the price on this baby, because I have had my eye on it for a long time. It was one of those well someday when it goes down in price things.

I am a happy lady, and it ain't even my birthday yet!
I am taking this as a new learning curve. In fact, I have taken some macro shots of some flowers, to test it out, and I will share those in my next post here in a bit.

It's been a good day. =)

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